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Best Of…The Bits!

This podcast shows us the best bits in the show's almost 2 year history. So sit back, listen, and enjoy these out of context bits! Visit to support the pod!

Mike McMahon Has 696 Instagram Followers

Mike McMahon was a fun QB to watch, period. 3-11 in his 14 starts, but he was a scrambler who had 3 come from behind victories. Forged in the flames of the football mecca known as Rutgers, McMahon carved out a NFL career that would make most 5th round draft picks jealous. Dude almost caused the Lions to pass on Joey Harrington. What a sliding doors moment that would have been, no?

Did you guys like Sliding Doors?

On this episode, we also cover Jeff Garcia baby, Star Wars nerds, and plenty of other stuff I already forgot. Plus, who are the California Redwoods?

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Chase Daniel Has More First Names Than Touchdowns

Chase Daniel is a great guy. Family man. Follower of The Lord. I'm not, but that's not the point. Dude dominated in college, brought Missouri to the next level, and has been in the NFL for 14 years. This guy has netted 42 million dollars throwing only 8 TD's

Chase Daniel is needs his chance. We discuss his comeback against the Lions, his competition this year with the Chargers, eating boogers and more. Plus some NFL and college power rankings. This is an episode you don't want to miss, unless you do, in which case get out of here. No one's holding a gun to your head, it's a podcast.

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Matt Flynn Was Engaged To Ciara BEFORE RUSS!

Who doesn't love a good YouTube video? On this episode of Bring In The Backups, I talk to no guests, chat about the criminally under-rated Matt Flynn, and most importantly, record the entire thing on video and post it on my YouTube page.

The fans and guests have been on me for a while now to start recording these bad boys, so I finally did it. This will be the norm moving forward! Matt Flynn is a great topic for the show. Cowboys comeback. 6 TD game. Super Bowl champ and a National Champion at LSU. This guy made the most of his talents. You should watch me talk about him by subscribing to my YouTube page!

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This episode was recorded LIVE from The 2022 Vail Comedy Festival at 10th Mountain Whiskey Tasting Room in Vail, Colorado on May 27th, 2022. The guest for the podcast is 8 year NFL veteran, musician, and comedian Joe Barksdale. The interview covers his time in the NFL, comedy, mental health, and getting a little drunk at 11am.

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P.J. Walker Walks The Walk (with FlemLo Raps)

FlemLo Raps is the guest on this episode, and we chat about his career, his YouTube page, his music and his career as a salesman. We also chat about P.J. Walker, his favorite 2020 XFL stand-out and current Carolina Panther QB.

This episode also features the Bring In The Backups Voicemail (323-716-6072), a pre-planned bit, some friends dropping in (Alex Gettlin, Mike Perkins & John Jones), plus the guy who gave me Covid in Anaheim spews mis-information.

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Andrew Walter For PRESIDENT! (with Dave Yates)

Andrew Walter crushed it at Arizona State. AW played four years in the NFL and threw 3 TDs (all to Randy Moss). He ran for congress. He had a kid and a rough divorce. And he has a successful company now. Dude has lived a life.

On this episode, I also chat with Dave Yates, and my wife Liz Galalis drops in to answer voicemails with me. 

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This episode of Bring In The Backups is brought to you by HaHa Hot Sauce, the front of my boot, and Aquaman 2.

I GOT COVID! (with Covid 19)

In this episode of Bring In The Backups, Erick is stricken with Covid 19. All plans for the episode come to a screeching stop, guests are cancelled, and Erick takes 40 minutes to answer some voicemails for the show. Topics include but are not limited to Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, red flags, USFL games, having Covid, and whether or not Erick should give his podcast equipment and let the show be re-branded "Bring In The Riddles". It's catchy.

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Curtis Painter & Peyton Manning Text Frequently

Curtis Painter works for Indiana Liquor Group. Before that, he worked for Mustard Seed Gardens. And before that, he was a NFL quarterback. On this podcast, we cover all three in a deep dive on the man that once held off Dan Orlovsky for 8 glorious weeks in 2011. Dude had a cannon. Boilermaker for life. The Curtis Painter story is a tale worth telling.

Liz Galalis drops in on the podcast for a bit to help field some voicemails from Backup Nation. I also take some time to talk about filming a short stand-up special last week, the latest Blake Bortles snub, Dwayne Haskins, Matty Ice, getting too high and why people who put chips in their brain aren't relatable. A quick hour with some big laughs. Hope you check it out.

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Matt Cassel vs. Matt Leinart (with Mat Dann)

Matt Cassel is a backup legend. Mat Dan is a hilarious comic. Put them together, and you have a fantastic episode of my show, Bring In The Backups.

On this episode of BITB, I chat about my upcoming shows at The Comedy Chateau, Flappers, Comedy Blvd, The Vail Comedy Festival & Empire Comedy in Temecula. I also briefly chat about Coach K, the NCAA tournament and of course, The Slap. Then Matt Dan and I chat about the Matt Cassel journey, walking out of movies and more. 

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Spergon Wynn Is Off The Grid (with Ritch Riuz)

Ritch Ruiz drops into the podcast to chat about Spergon Wynn and confess that he's never once heard an episode of the podcast.

On this episode, we discuss The Batman, answer voicemails on the Bring In The Backups hotline, analyze owners in the NFL, play Stapp or Not Stapp, discuss The Getty Museum, and more.

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Timmy Chang: Bow Fo Life

On this episode of Bring In The Backups, I talk about Hawaii like I've never been on a vacation before. I go sans guest on this bad boy and focus on a Hawaii Rainbow Warriors legend with a Timmy Chang deep dive.

I shout out the Aloha Comedy Festival and talk about Best Of The Fest, Jurassic Park, Hawaiian luau's, Timmy Chang kinda looking like a deer, the Hamilton Tiger Cats, John Navarre, St. Louis High School quarterbacks, thick bodied men, tropical environments, Hawaii's old uniforms and more.

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Should Jim Everett Teabag Jim Rome At The Parade? (with Rob Stern & Andrew Paulsen)

The Rams won the Super Bowl. On this history making episode of Bring In The Backups, I conduct interviews with Rams fan and comedian/writer Rob Stern (Adventure Beast) and writer/musician Andrew Paulsen (American Horror Story). I think it's also fair to say that "conduct interviews" is a stretch. I say the word "dude" pretty much every other sentence.

With Rob, we talk about the Rams, Cooper Kupp, play Whitney Houston or Scott Stapp, and answer some VM's from fans of the show. Andrew and I talk about the mood in Cincinnati after the loss, MAC football (I just can't help myself), the future of The Bengals and more. We also talk about his music.

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Blake Bortles: Future Saints Legend (with Joe Schiappa)

This episode of Bring In The Backups is all Blake Bortles. BB was thrown into a tough situation in Jacksonville, but a mere 4 years in, he had them at the doorstep. Blake Bortles also once torched TB12. He's also been replaced by Nick shame there.

We cover Blake Bortles's UCF career, the Jags uniforms, The Good Place getting a little preachy, Covid tests, The Idaho Vandals arena, Sac State, opening for Bengt Washburn, Joe Burrow being cool, Jimmy G being hot, NFL OT vs. NCAA OT, small airplanes in fog, my friends on the Opening Kickoff Podcast, & more.

After that, I chat with Joe Schiappa about movies, comedy, working together in NYC, and his new podcast Pay or Request.

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Frank Reich Trivia Night (with Lucas Hazlett)

What a fun show chatting about Frank Reich. He's one religious, German guy that Bill Polian once called the greatest backup quarterback in NFL history. Yeah, Nick Foles and Charlie Batch got something to say about that, but still, no one is arguing with the comeback. All time great, and don't forget those 7 starts with the Jets and the first TD pass in Panthers history.

Lucas Hazlett comes on the show and we talk about Fox News, friendship, Frank Reich's name, Frank Reich trivia, Nickelback, answer Bring In The Backups Voicemails, 80's football and basketball, NFL playoffs and more.

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Shout out to my friends Mandy, Matt, Gary & Liz. That's it. Fun episode, hope you enjoy!

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