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Frank Reich Trivia Night (with Lucas Hazlett)

What a fun show chatting about Frank Reich. He's one religious, German guy that Bill Polian once called the greatest backup quarterback in NFL history. Yeah, Nick Foles and Charlie Batch got something to say about that, but still, no one is arguing with the comeback. All time great, and don't forget those 7 starts with the Jets and the first TD pass in Panthers history.

Lucas Hazlett comes on the show and we talk about Fox News, friendship, Frank Reich's name, Frank Reich trivia, Nickelback, answer Bring In The Backups Voicemails, 80's football and basketball, NFL playoffs and more.

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Shout out to my friends Mandy, Matt, Gary & Liz. That's it. Fun episode, hope you enjoy!

Bobby Hebert is The Cajun Cannon (with Brad Stoll)

This podcast featured The Cajun Cannon, Bobby Herbert, and an interview from actor/writer/director Brad Stoll.

We talk about a lot of stuff on this podcast. I bet you'll love all of it!


Happy Holidays From a Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, I cancel the podcast because my grandfather died and this is just a podcast. But I talk for ten minutes, so hopefully that doesn't suck.

I give a quick shout-out to my friend Ryan Neser and his great show at The Cellar Door in Frederick, MD. I also talk about an appearance I made on MTV talking about my late grandfather. I also question if Bobby Hebert is French, getting a stomach bug, old episodes of my show, and starting 2022 off with a bang.

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Aaron Rodgers Has A Caleb Hanie Tattoo (with Steven Lolli)

Caleb Hanie will get respect, or I'll quit this podcast tomorrow and move to Alaska. I'll give it a few weeks and let everyone make up their mind as to whether of not they respect Caleb Hanie. Till then, here's the episode description.

Erick talks about a Lions victory, a Cincinnati Bearcats CFP appearance, getting a booster shot, Army-Navy, Chanukah, Kate Gaffney's Service From Hell podcast, Caleb Hanie's college career, the 2010 NFC Championship, BJ Raji's touchdown and more.

Then Erick interviews Steven Lolli (The No Idea Zone podcast). 

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Joey Harrington‘s Thxgiving REVENGE!

Joey Harrington is a name that will ring our in glory on Oregon forever. Not so much in Detroit, and that's because the Lions front office and organization as a whole is insane. Luckily for Joey, and the world, Thanksgiving 2006 was Vengeance Day, and we got the deep dive here.

This pod is a solo episode that covers the college career of Joey Harrington, his Ted Talk, not crying and talking at the same time, the YouTube page with Backup Quarterback Highlights, how to pronounce Justin Herbert's name, Dre Bly being a bitch, gluten free pumpkin pie, how to plan Thanksgiving dinner, Detroit Lions coaches, Dan Campbell's looks, spending time in the hospital, and Joey Harrington's Miami Dolphins smacking down the Lions on Thanksgiving in 2006...the ultimate revenge game.

I also chat about my time in the Boston Comedy Festival and getting into SF Sketchfest. Support this podcast at  

Nick Foles Made Me Hug My Dad

The day has finally come. Nick Foles has his first stand-alone episode of the podcast. Big Dick Nick himself. Obviously I didn't get the real Nick Foles on the podcast, but I talk about him a lot on this one. I also talk about Aaron Rodgers, how little I know about COVID, Henry Ruggs III, driving drunk in college, the Army vs. Air Force game, Loudermilk, Ritch Ruiz making burritos, the CFP, Barely Making It LA and my upcoming trip to Massachusetts for the Boston Comedy Festival.

This is a mindless podcast but I had a good time making myself laugh. Support the show by reviewing it here. Support me by following my tour dates here. That is all. Nick Foles Forever.

Jeff Blake, The Bengals & Rudy (with Colby Dant & Liz Galalis)

Dan Marino once said Jeff Blake had the best deep ball he'd ever seen. Too be fair, Dan Marino also said after his rookie year Super Bowl "I'll be back", so not everything he said was true, but he had a point with the Jeff Blake thing.

Jeff Blake lit the league in fire in 1995 with the Bengals, and was the the lone bright spot on a miserable team for years. He then traversed the league as primarily a back-up after that, leading to a 14 year career that included stops in New York, New Orleans, Arizona, Baltimore, Philly and Chicago. Dude goes down as one of the most under-rated QB's in NFL history, and my guest Colby Dant (Sports Gambling Podcast Network, The College Football Experience), a ECU grad just like JB, is the perfect guest to talk about him. We also talk about a bunch of other stuff.

This podcast also includes a deep dive on the movie Rudy with comedian Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show, When Nature Calls). She thinks Rudy sucks. She makes an argument I'm loathed to say...makes sense. 

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SEASON 2 PREMIER: Tyler Thigpen Never Got Season 2

After two long months of listening to other podcasts, wondering when Bring In The Backups would return, we're back! Tyler Thigpen headlines our season premier, and what better quarterback to kick off season 2 than a backup who never got a chance to play a second season, despite showing all the promise and grit of a young Josh Allen. That's right, I said it!

On this podcast episode, my talented friends Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show, When Nature Calls) & Alex Gettlin (Highly Unlikely) drop in for some comedy bits. I also debut brand new beats by my friend Lucas Hazlett (American Princess, Wrecked, 2 Broke Girls) and a new podcast theme song by southern rock band The Yahmi's

We're talking Burbank Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy Festival, doing stand-up with homeless people, starting a new job, Tyler Thigpen getting screwed by the Chiefs, getting ghosted by Gus Frerotte, Coastal Carolina getting good at football too soon, and Carrie Underwood's theme song for Sunday Night Football moving me to tears.

I think that's it. Support the show at Join my Bands In Town to catch my stand-up dates when I'm in town near you.

Bring In The Backups Season 2 Promo

Season 2 of Bring In The Backups starts October 12th!



Craig Whelihan Was Ryan Leaf’s DD (with Brett Lorin)

Craig Whelihan was drafted in 1995, played terribly in 1997, and then backed up Ryan Leaf in 1998. When the fans are clamoring for a guy who went 0-9 in his starts the previous year, you know you fucked up your draft.

In this episode of Bring In The Backups, I chat about ending season one of the show, what will come in season two, taking brakes, not quitting, Simone Biles, getting a new job, Jessie Ventura, and back to back Craig Whelihan comeback victories for the Chargers in 1998. 

Then Brett Lorin (Too Tall Sports Podcast) joins the pod and we discuss being a minor league pitcher, hip surgery, Jimmy Johns, why The Rainforest Cafe sucks, not talking to your exes, the stadium for the Pensacola Blue Wahoo's, and more.

This is the season one finale. Season two is slated to start in early September. Stay tuned to the pod, make sure you stay subscribed, and enjoy the old episodes. 

This episode of the show was brought to you by Ha Ha Hot Sauce

Bobby Hoying Jerseys Are Great For Polishing Cars

Memories of a 1997 Bobby Hoying comeback win against Cincinnati are here to wake you from your doldrums. Strap in, it's a solo episode this time around, and it's about a shooting star that came and went to fast.

Bobby Hoying now goes by Bob Hoying, and 1998 has something to do with it. On this pod, in no particular order, I cover LA homelessness, interacting with my fans on social media, someone making up stuff on Bobby Hoying's wikipedia, Vince Papale, Mad Men not having real jobs, changing your name after failure, why Cruella sucks, name-dropping, Eagles fullback Kevin Turner, and resenting your own personal growth.

My friend Gary DeNoia drops in, so please follow him on Insta. I just did my friend Brad Stoll's podcast Only Farts; watch the interview here and follow his Tik Tok.

This episode of Bring In The Backups is brought to you by Essentials By Gabi.

NFL QB Gibran Hamdan Heard Me Call Him Stiff (with Gibran Hamdan)

Big day for old Bring In The Backups today as Gibran Hamdan (2003 NFL draft pick, 2006 NFL Europe MVP) joins the pod as our first ever professional quarterback on the show. Let's. Fucking. Go.

We talk Jim Zorn talking shit in Seattle, Gibran's stiffness playing basketball, retiring from the CFL, racism, Gibran's uniform redesigns, introducing relegation to American sports, and more.

Earlier in the podcast, I talk about dropping 12lbs and shout out The College Football Experience & my friends Colby Dant and Matt Cole. My buddy Meredith Hackman drops in for a pre-planned bit, and lastly, if you enjoy this episode, write to and let Gibran know he kicked ass on my show.

This episode of Bring In The Backups is brought to you by Are You Shore: The Films of Pauly Shore.

Kent Graham: The Comeback Kid (with Anthony Devito)

Kent Graham taught Jake "The Snake" Plummer everything he knew about comeback victories. On this episode of Bring In The Backups, I expose the truth about one of the NFL's great 4th quarter warriors, Kent Graham. Before I get to that, I chat about bombing virtually and having an echoey room. Once it's Kent time, I walk you through all nine of his miracles; The Houston Heave (94'), The Frank Sanders Saga (96'), The Phoenix Phenomenon (96'), Jake Plummer's Education (97'), Relief In The Desert (97'), The Bronco Buster (98'), The Tiki Toss (99'), Meet Me in Philly (99'), The Bronco Buster 2 (01'), and Toss Me The Shovel (01'). Nine comebacks in extremely limited work...what could he have done with an opportunity?

After that I bring on comedian and writer Anthony Devito (Late Night with Stephen Colbert, The Break with Michelle Wolf). We talk about Astoria Greeks, M. Night Shyamalan movies, Kwame Brown's resume, Jamarcus Russell's comeback, Ken Dorsey's build, Michael Jordan's child abuse, Wee Bey watching basketball, Eric Winston the actor, and hockey putting a flame on the puck.

Comedian Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show, When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren) drops in, and Matty and Ty from The Sports & Shit Podcast stop in as well. I also throws a shout-out to shows that had me on recently including The Philly Specialists, Larry Knows Sports, Shall We Football, The Greased Pole Podcast & The Browns Blitz.

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Danny Wuerffel Is A Bald Tim Tebow (with Brad Stoll)

With all this Tim Tebow talk in Jacksonville, Bring In The Backups wanted to give you a quick reminder of the Tim Tebow BEFORE Tim Tebow, 1996 Heisman Trophy Winner & National Champion Danny Wuerffel. This episode pays homage to DW the best way we know how...lightly shitting on the dude for his NFL career, claiming he was robbed and could have been great in a different system, and then interviewing a comic I know that's never heard of Danny Wuerffel.

The comic on this episode is Brad Stoll, AKA Chef Asshole. Before we get to Brad, I spend some time up talk talking about cats, Danny Wuerffel owning Peyton Manning twice in college and once in the pro's, getting back to live comedy, Kevin Daft and the Scottish Claymores losing to DW and the Rhein Fire in the 2000 World Bowl, and me appearing on three great podcasts; Jump The Shark, Breaking Tables, and my good friends at Matty and Ty at The Sports N Shit Pod.

Once Brad hops on, we talk about his father, hating sports, his podcast "Only Farts", the N word A Bronx Tale, being scared of face tattoo's, podcast etiquette and more. Brad is a great friend and this episode was so much fun; make sure to support his comedy on Tik Tok, Instagram, and all of his other social media platforms.

And as always, support this show on by joining the Patreon, buying Merch, hopping on the newsletter, rating us five stars on Apple Podcasts, or just telling your friends about the show. 

Alex Van Pelt Lives Rent Free In Dan Marino’s Head (with Liz Galalis)

Alex Van Pelt played quarterback for the Buffalo Bills for a number of years. He has since coached for Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Cincinnati & Cleveland. This is the main thing to know about him. If you listen to this episode, here are some of the topics we'll discuss about the man: his domination of Dan Marino in college and the NFL, going 2-6 after 9/11, him getting mass fired twice, and helping the Browns kick the Steelers ass in the playoffs.

My guest for this episode is Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show, Death Lives). You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @LizGalalis. We have a fun time talking about our names getting mis-spelled, DiGiorno pizza making me sick, our dog taking a dump, baby birthday parties, ADHD and more. We also chat about the All Fired Up and WFAddicts podcasts, which had me on recently!

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