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Anthony Wright Got [His] Shot (with Scotty Landes)

March 30, 2021

Before I tell you about former quarterback Anthony Wright or my guest Scotty Landes, let's address my dog being very loud in the background of this podcast. It sounds like he's tap-dancing on the hardwood. What can I tell you, he's a dog, lay off.

This podcast takes us to some very cool places. I burn bridges with, discuss people's weight loss journey, and get excited for the upcoming Rubber City Comedy Festival in Akron, Ohio. I also touch on Tim Tebow, Urkel, the somewhat disturbed fans of Death, and trying to become friends with Alex Gettlin (Let Me Be Clear podcast). Once I get to Anthony Wright, we're talking about his career at South Carolina, his playoff battle against the Titans in 2003, his battle with eventual 1st round bust Kyle Boller, him getting shot, and more.

My wife, comedian Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show) drops in for a quick pre-planned bit, and then I welcome Scotty Landes (Ma, Workaholics) onto the show. Scotty and I catch up, then talk Ravens football from the early 90's. I'm talking a lot of really good defense, special teams, and a lot of screen passes from Trent Dilfer, Stoney Case and Elvis Grbac.

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