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Blake Bortles: Future Saints Legend (with Joe Schiappa)

February 1, 2022

This episode of Bring In The Backups is all Blake Bortles. BB was thrown into a tough situation in Jacksonville, but a mere 4 years in, he had them at the doorstep. Blake Bortles also once torched TB12. He's also been replaced by Nick shame there.

We cover Blake Bortles's UCF career, the Jags uniforms, The Good Place getting a little preachy, Covid tests, The Idaho Vandals arena, Sac State, opening for Bengt Washburn, Joe Burrow being cool, Jimmy G being hot, NFL OT vs. NCAA OT, small airplanes in fog, my friends on the Opening Kickoff Podcast, & more.

After that, I chat with Joe Schiappa about movies, comedy, working together in NYC, and his new podcast Pay or Request.

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