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Bubby Brister’s Name Is A Work Of Art (with Brendan Sagalow)

March 2, 2021

Brendan Sagalow hasn't the faintest who Bubby Brister is and he's not ashamed of it! Not only does this episode include a funny and interesting interview with Brendan, but two of my friends drop by in Liz Galalis (@Erickswife) on Insta/Twitter and Gary DeNoia (Gary's Insta). Also, I'm kidding, Liz is @LizGalalis, I'm just feeling frisky.

The podcast starts off with me talking about getting my Twitter account hacked. We're talking full on, sex pervert, gimps in my DM's hacked. But I got it back thanks to the millions (Rock pause) and millions of fans reporting the asshole to Twitter, so if you were one of those that helped me out, thx! I also get deep into talking to dogs like they're humans, men from the 1930's named "Babe", Bubby Brister telling Chuck Noll to eat shit, Terrell Davis coming after Bubby, and more.

Then I start chatting with Brendan and we get into meditation, snowboarding, the ecstasy in quitting versus the self-value of perseverance, not caring about sports, dating in a pandemic, and more. Follow Brendan on Insta/Twitter and listen to his comedy album Not Now More Than Ever FOR FREE on Spotify.

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