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Danny Wuerffel Is A Bald Tim Tebow (with Brad Stoll)

June 8, 2021

With all this Tim Tebow talk in Jacksonville, Bring In The Backups wanted to give you a quick reminder of the Tim Tebow BEFORE Tim Tebow, 1996 Heisman Trophy Winner & National Champion Danny Wuerffel. This episode pays homage to DW the best way we know how...lightly shitting on the dude for his NFL career, claiming he was robbed and could have been great in a different system, and then interviewing a comic I know that's never heard of Danny Wuerffel.

The comic on this episode is Brad Stoll, AKA Chef Asshole. Before we get to Brad, I spend some time up talk talking about cats, Danny Wuerffel owning Peyton Manning twice in college and once in the pro's, getting back to live comedy, Kevin Daft and the Scottish Claymores losing to DW and the Rhein Fire in the 2000 World Bowl, and me appearing on three great podcasts; Jump The Shark, Breaking Tables, and my good friends at Matty and Ty at The Sports N Shit Pod.

Once Brad hops on, we talk about his father, hating sports, his podcast "Only Farts", the N word A Bronx Tale, being scared of face tattoo's, podcast etiquette and more. Brad is a great friend and this episode was so much fun; make sure to support his comedy on Tik Tok, Instagram, and all of his other social media platforms.

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