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An Erik Kramer Episode Was A Really Bad Idea (with Sandy Danto)

February 2, 2021

Two things; Erik Kramer was a huge mistake for a comedy podcast and Detroit has Duce on their staff so get ready for a Super Bowl, Motown. On this packed episode of Bring In The Backups, I talk about my Celiac Disease (again), GameStop, LA opening restaurants, Erik Kramer opening up a can of whoop-ass on Dallas in the playoffs, my rage, Erik Kramer getting Me Too'd, Erik Kramer getting un-Me Too'd, Dan Campbell, and finally, the Duce is loose in Detroit.  I also awkwardly tip-toe around Erik Kramer's post NFL career, we get a comedy visit from Liz Galalis, and I interview comedian Sandy Danto (MADtv). 

Check out Sandy's album Daddy Boy recorded live from The San Francisco Punchline.

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