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Koy Detmer’s Touchdown Celebration Was NSFW (with Liz Galalis)

September 15, 2020

Koy Detmer played in the NFL for 10 years. In the inaugural episode of the podcast, I talk about his neck beard, his sibling rivalry with Ty, his big games against the Pats in 99 and the Niners in 03, his NSFW touchdown celebration that made him a Philly legend, and more. I also talk about fights at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, cut-out fans at baseball games, if I could play football for my father, and I interview Liz Galalis (The Joel McHale Show, The Daily Show).

Liz is a writer, actor, and my wife (in that order). Erick Hellwig is a stand-up comedian from NYC living in Los Angeles. He hosts Bring In The Backups podcast and has appeared on AGT, Brain Games, Greatest Party Story Ever, numerous national tv commercials & more. Erick has written for Money From Strangers and co-created Death Lives. Since 2015 he's performed in dozens of festivals including Big Pine, Westside, North Carolina, Rubber City, Sno Jam, Harlem, Oak City, Burbank & Aloha Comedy. Erick hosts the weekly show Barely Making It LA in Hollywood and he's Death. 

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