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Sexy Rexy Grossman Likes Going Deep

December 8, 2020

Sink into this Rex Grossman episode like you would a coma after eating a  Chicago deep dish pizza. I'm not talking "food coma". I'm talking you had a lifetime of poor choices and now you're in a coma following your heart attack. I want family members crying over you in a hospital bed while you listen to Sexy Rexy get his due. Merry Christmas! The REXTRAVAGANZA stays focused on #8 for the most part, but we also chat about Moises Alou's urine-soaked hands. Stay tuned as my wife makes a reasonable request to not be called a cunt, my dog Gordon mis-behaves, my father-in-law's girlfriend does dishes audibly in the background, and my friend Alex Gettlin drops in for some pre-planned bit action.

No guest this time around because I'm traveling the east coast and I should be enough for you people. If I can't carry a podcast focusing on this in-consistent Super Bowl piñata, I shouldn't be in the backup quarterback podcasting business to begin with.

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