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Steve Bono Was Better Than You Remember (with Lucas Hazlett)

January 5, 2021

Steve Bono. Lucas Hazlett. A podcast that is way too long but I just didn't want to edit, and it's funny so whatever. This marathon podcast starts with yours truly reviewing Steve Bono's career with the 49ers & Chiefs where he backed up Joe Montana and Steve Young. I also tackle current modern day hot topics including "port vs. starboard", is timeshare bad, and the lack of trigger warnings for the CBS 1991 TV movie The Rape of Dr. Willis. Then my friend Lucas Hazlett (2 Broke Girls, Life in Pieces, American Princess) joins the podcast and we cover too much ground. There's enough in here to upset everyone, so this podcast has a "don't listen if you're a pussy" rating. Steve Bono takes a back-seat, which as a backup, he's used to. If you listen till the end you get a cookie.

Enjoy the pod. The next one will be five minutes to balance it out.