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Bobby Hoying Jerseys Are Great For Polishing Cars

July 20, 2021

Memories of a 1997 Bobby Hoying comeback win against Cincinnati are here to wake you from your doldrums. Strap in, it's a solo episode this time around, and it's about a shooting star that came and went to fast.

Bobby Hoying now goes by Bob Hoying, and 1998 has something to do with it. On this pod, in no particular order, I cover LA homelessness, interacting with my fans on social media, someone making up stuff on Bobby Hoying's wikipedia, Vince Papale, Mad Men not having real jobs, changing your name after failure, why Cruella sucks, name-dropping, Eagles fullback Kevin Turner, and resenting your own personal growth.

My friend Gary DeNoia drops in, so please follow him on Insta. I just did my friend Brad Stoll's podcast Only Farts; watch the interview here and follow his Tik Tok.

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