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Jesse Palmer: The Bachelor Backup (with Liz Miele)

February 16, 2021

Liz MieleJesse Palmer. MY FATHER! The stars are out in this episode! Roll out the red carpet for a celebrity extravaganza the likes of which have never been seen! This podcast starts out with the usual with a breakdown of the execution of St. Valentine. Then I catch people up on my week, starting with my low grade Celiac Disease depression, some therapy talk, and my appearance on The Opening Kickoff Podcast. My father drops in for some pre-planned bit action, and then it's a deep dive on Jesse Palmer. The former Florida Gator has a not so memorable football career followed by a lengthy run as a multi-faceted TV host. I playfully mock him. Then my father appears in another pre-planned bit, and I chat about the stage antics of My Chemical Romance, my upcoming merch store, moving to Tarzana, Patrice O'Neal, and supporting Taylor Heinicke at all costs. I also complain about cancel culture, which believe it or not has never been done by a comedian.

The guest for this episode is Liz Miele. Liz and I bitch about how NYC is better then LA for about seventeen hours (I edited it down to 30 minutes). We also dabble in some east coast anger and comedy and do not mention football once. It's the off-season and I talked Jesse Palmer earlier on, get off my ass.

Liz currently has a comedy special titled "Self Help Me" you can see on YouTube right now. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or visit her website. Her book Why Cats Are Assholes coming out 3/16, and she hosts the podcast "2 Non Doctors" on YouTube. 

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