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Jason Garrett Sucked…Or Did He (with Keren Margolis)

April 13, 2021

This Jason Garrett episode of the podcast was a rough one to make. I do not like the Dallas Cowboys, or their fans, but I felt it was only fair to give them an quarterback episode like every other city, and I did my best to do them justice. When you listen, you be the judge. As an Eagles fan, there's no fence sitting when it comes to the Cowboys, so I may have just cost myself some Birds gang fans. So be it. I gave Dallas an episode. And yes, I haven't slept since releasing this podcast. Also, Keren Margolis (Inside Amy Schumer, Race Wars Podcast) is my guest for the episode, and Joe Schiappa (MTV, IFC) drops in as well. 

While doing my own thing up top, I chat about Blink 182 hitting nothing but net on UFO's, Egypt, the career of Jason Garrett and his incredible Thanksgiving Day miracle, and more. Joe Schiappa parachutes into a pre-planned bit to make fun of my merch store and I promote a couple pods I appeared on (The Big Dumb Podcast, Opening Kickoff Podcast & Locked On Browns).

When Keren drops in, we chat about the time we were involved in a mass firing, wives knowing their husband's buttholes, underlying rage, creativity vs. comfort, military service, fisting, ditching jokes in your act and salads. Oh yeah, remember the super long show notes from the Scott Zolak and Scotty Landes episodes? They both got way more listens than any shows I've done so far, so looks like I'm gonna be a long-winded son of a bitch in these show notes moving forward...

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