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Kellen Clemens Isn’t In Antifa (with Jesse Eigner)

April 27, 2021

Kellen Clemens is just a good old cattle-herding, super Catholic backup quarterback from eastern Oregon with a tattoo of the pope on his lower back. If you wanna learn more about the man, you've come to the right shitty podcast.

On this edition of Bring In The Backups, I start calling episodes "editions" like an insufferable douchebag. I do not talk about the show Early Edition, which eventually I should. I do talk about getting my second Covid shot, group sex, getting a bad haircut, Spirit Airlines, Mortal Kombat, and give some props to both the Astro League Fantasy Football Podcast and The Brew Party Podcast.

During a couple pre-planned bits, my friends Chris Aurilio and Liz Galalis drop in for a hang. Then Jesse Eigner (Braised Bits podcast) comes on the show and we chat stand-up comedy, The Jets, Carson Wentz & the Nick Foles statue, backup quarterbacks and more.

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