Bring In The Backups

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The Show

February 21, 2021

Bring in the Backups is a comedy-sports podcast hosted by Erick Hellwig. The show began as a side project, and something to do during quarantine so I wouldn't masterbate 37 times before noon.

BITB focuses on a different backup QB every episode. It's a comedy podcast where Erick rants, interviews a special guest, and if he remembers, talks football. Previous guests include Liz Miele, Lucas Hazlett & Alex Gettlin. QB's include Koy Detmer, Cleo Lemon, and who gives shit the quarterbacks aren't the point. It's a comedy podcast & I needed a hook! Hooked ya! YA BEEN DETMER'D!!!

Episodes are evergreen, so no matter how old the episode is, just pick your favorite QB or guest and press play!